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Belle Arti Italian Canvases

Made To our specification by the family owned company Belle Arti in Italy.

Canvases are in cotton or linen.

 Belle Arti carefully controls canvas production in every phase, from the purchase of the yarn, with the right quantity of the warp and weft threads.

The weaving of any canvas, is constantly controlled and is carried out by qualified textile companies. The elasticity, resistance, heaviness, absorbency and grain are guarantied by the right quantity of the warp and weft threads.




The phases are all directly carried with the proper technologies to produce primed canvases following the tradition and respecting the ideal priming rules. The preparation of the coatings is made according to ancient recipes. Each production phase is carefully controlled with the hand intervention of skilled workers well experienced in the field of canvas priming. 

The wood

the origin of the wood is from certified European forests. Red fir wood, dried for a long time at the right degree of humidity. After being selected and prepared with high technology machinery, skilled artisans finish the work.